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Jiangmen Lianxing High Frequency Machinery Company, is the manufacturer which specialized in researching, developing and producing all series of 1kw to 200kw high frequency welding machine for more than 30 years.

Lian Xing import advanced technology and component from Japan. Using the latest high frequency oscillation technology, adopt international standard industrial wave band of the oscillation frequency(13.56, 27.12Mhz ±0.6%) to produce the high frequency welding machines with best performance. All products of
our company have passed the quality inspection standard which issued by CSBTS. 

We specialized in Tarpaulin Welding Machine, PVC cylinder tube forming machine, soft-crease box making machine, blister packing machine, plastic welding machine etc. Besides these standard machines, we also provide the plastic welding solution and customized machines to meet our customer's special needs.

We have sold our machines over 10 countries all around world and our machines has been used in many field,
such as:
Fabrication, Conveyor belts, Stationary (Office products, folder cover, Inner page of Album),
Architecture(Stretch Ceilings, Tensile membrane, Tents, Geo membranes),
Auto Equipment(Sun visor, carpet), Medical(Infusion bag, Urine bag),
PVC inflatable products(Inflatable Sofa, bed, toy)
Packaging (PVC cylinder tube packaging, Soft-crease Box, Blister packaging ) ,etc;

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